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Raymond Guest Metal Art on Flickr

Recycled Salvage Design artist Raymond Guest - My portfolio on Flickr I have been a picker of vintage over 20 years they always said I had a creative eye for what I bought to sell, I just fell into picking vintage naturally I saw vintage or most of it as different than most people telling many stories of another time was fascinated by the old stuff I collected to sell the better the story the better the piece.
I wanted to learn to weld for many years had relatives friends that could a couple of times I asked if they could teach me, sure one day we will teach you to weld.
Oct 2013 was fixing to turn 50 decided time was now I would buy a cheap welder and I would teach myself to weld, I started by rebuilding a 16 ft trailer it was an old trailer coming apart in places banged up and used a lot. I am not sure why I wanted to weld just thought I could make something cool if I did learn.

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