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Car Part Furniture - Truck Benches - Chain Art Furniture

Car Part Furniture, Tailgate Furniture, Chain Art Furniture and more offered.

Everything created is from upcycled and recycled materials, as they say from trash to treasure. They have said for years I have a creative eye and a couple even called me an artist, I didn't understand this 4 years ago taught self to weld. 
From that point on started realizing I just might be all my art has a story behind it and my hopes are it will put a smile on your face, most being happy art. The colors are unique to each creation bright, cheery and funky. 
I have never had the desire to be like the next guy have always known I was different from most. As is my art its original one of a kind. 
Raymond Guest at Recycled Salvage Design www.recycledsalvage.com

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